Reiki for Terminal Illness

Reiki for chronic illness, long term illness or terminal illness

Helping people who have a chronic illness or terminal illness can be a rewarding experience for both the person and the practitioner. People in the end stages of their lives who are frightened and in pain, often would like to feel at ease and enjoy the time that they have left with us ensuring that their last moments were peaceful, pain-free and dignified. Caring for the relatives of this person at this time is always important too.

Working with Reiki we have seen how it can help those who are very sick. Whilst there may not be enough time to reverse the spread of the disease, Reiki can help reduce pain, and bring peace, acceptance and dignity to the situation. Sometimes, part of our learning and the learning of those around us for this lifetime is to experience a chronic illness or terminal illness either in ourselves or in someone we hold close to our heart. Reiki can help all concerned to understand the learning and accept what is happening. Reiki will complement orthodox medicine and enhance the effects of it.

Reiki will also help the immediate family and other people who are close of those with a chronic or terminal illness and allow the loved ones to feel relaxed and more at peace with the situation they find themselves in.

Reiki for the bereaved

Life on a day-to-day basis after the death of someone close to you can often be a very difficult and stressful time. Whether the death was expected or not, feelings of anger, resentment and guilt, as well as how you are going to cope without that person in your life, often come to the appear. Whilst it is normal to experience these feelings, if we do not let them go then they can have a big effect on us, both emotionally and physically and sometimes lead to depression. People who want a natural way to the orthodox ways of dealing with bereavement, or who want to use it alongside orthodox forms of help, Reiki can help the process by gently lifting out the emotions and helping you to accept the situation and move forward in your own life.