Chakra Balancing

Balanced ChakrasChakras are an important part of the body as a whole. If the chakras aren’t balanced correctly this can affect the mind, body and spirit.

Chakra energy centers

The chakras start at the base of your spine and travel up to the crown or top of your head. The body has seven major chakras, along with twenty one minor chakras that are all linked closely together. Each is a circular wheel of light spinning in your energetic system, associated with specific parts of the body, a color, stone, element, and function.

If any of our chakras are blocked or need their energy balancing this can often lead to illness so it is very important to understand what each Chakra represents and what can be affected is the chakras aren’t kept clean and flowing freely.

Chakra Balancing Treatment

Reiki treatments always starts with the chakras being checked and balanced. Although this does balance the chakras, it is not the full Chakra Balancing treatment. Each Chakra is checked, and if it is unbalanced, this is corrected. This is so the Reiki Energy can flow freely through the body.

The chakras can also be balanced without a full reiki treatment. The process is much the same but with a lot more time spent on opening and balancing the chakra energy.

The full Chakra Balancing treatment will take up to 20 minutes. This involves the treatment being given in a laid position. This Chakra Balancing is given with the Reiki Energy. It is different from the basic balancing given in a normal Reiki Treatment as all Chakras are worked on, and not just the ones that are out of balance.

This allows the Chakras to beperfectly balancedtogether and for energies to be moved between Chakras that are linked. Reiki Energy is channelled into the chakras, for a more personal balancing with the use of energy.

Cost of Chakra Balancing Treatments

Initial consultation will be conducted at the same time as your first treatment.

Single Chakra balancing treatments: £20.00
(allow up to 30 minutes for a single treatment)

Place of work treatments

We can come to your place of work and offer a shorter Chakra balancing treatment. For more information please contact a practitioner. A Chakra balancing treatment can help to relieve stress and tension that many normal working days encounter by balancing the bodies energy. Just one treatment in the work place can help you to relax and aid with better concentration helping you to work better as well as feel better. Because this is a shorter treatment it can easily be completed in one of your breaks. This treatment is done without the use of music and only uses the channelled Reiki Energy. Although this is a shorter treatment, it doesnt mean it is any less effective, but it is designed for the time frame given below.

Single work based Chakra balancing treatments: £15.00 (per person)
(allow up to 15 minutes for a single treatment)



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